Wine Ice Cubes

It’s the dog days of summer if I do say so myself! With mercury creeping up in the 100’s for months now, everything is hot here in Austin. And for red wine lovers like my roomies and me this can be a conundrum. My roommate loves her drinks cold and has actually started putting ice cubes, yes ice cubes, in her red wine. I could not bare the thought of watering down this precious liquid so I took a cue from my friends at the Four Seasons in Austin. They make ice cubes out of tea for their iced tea and I thought why not make ice cubes out of wine?? What a simple solution for winos to beat the heat!

Bottle of your favorite wine
ice cube tray (ours makes star shapes)

Fill ice cube tray with your favorite wine, freeze and enjoy!

I have also tried with this with lemonade and tea.

Works great and never waters down your drinks! Im thinking of trying this with coffee for the perfect icy cold, summer pick me up!

Stay cool!

4 Responses to “Wine Ice Cubes”
  1. Z says:


    When we have guests over for dinner, we make ice cubes using their preferred soft drink or bottled water. Why put faucet-water ice cubes in bottled water? It wouldn’t make sense.

    Love your blog!



  2. nparamore says:


    Yes, why water down drinks with sub par tap water ice cubes? So glad you enjoy the blog! I might have to get some of your famous recipes to try out!


  3. Carly says:

    love this!! I’m an iced tea lover and totally hate the watered-down tea after about 30 minutes.

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