Mashed Potatoes


I paired this side with Granny’s Fried Chicken. I mean who doesn’t want mashed potatoes with their chicken?

What you’ll need:

Russet Potatoes



Salt and Pepper

For this, I washed the entire 10lb bag of russet potatoes. If you’re serving a small crowd, then use less.

Now, Granny peels her potatoes, to get those super white, creamy mashers. I, however, left the skins on mine. I mean who can’t use a little extra fiber? Plus, it saves a ton of time. It does mean, though, that you need to wash your potatoes really well and get all the dirt off.

I then sliced the potatoes and subsequently quartered those slices making cubes.

Place them all into a big pot and submerge with water.

Boil potatoes for a while (30min or so, depends on how many you are cooking) until they are nice and soft.

Then drain the water from the pot. The steam coming off the potatoes when I drained them practically gave me an inhome steam facial, so be careful!

Now, return potatoes to the pot and begin mashing. Add 2-3 heaping spoonfulls of butter and about ¼ cup of buttermilk.

Keep mashing until thoroughly mixed. I called in reinforcements for the mashing! It’s a tough job but somebody’s gotta do it!

Thanks Meredith Cranch for all your help!

Add salt and pepper to taste.

Now they are ready for enjoyment! Homemade mashed potatoes,

One Response to “Mashed Potatoes”
  1. Katie says:

    Go Cranch! Love this!

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