Bite Size Caprese Salads

I made these for yet another girls night dinner. Seem to be going to a lot of potlucks lately, so I will be writing about all my foods that are good for sharing. These were a great compliment to all the cheeses, breads and meatballs that everyone brought.

You’ll need:
Fresh mozzarella ( I used mozzarella balls)
Red pepper
Fresh garlic
Spinach or Basil leaves
Balsamic vinegar
Cracked black pepper
Kosher Salt

A few days before, I added some cracked red pepper and minced garlic to the container of fresh mozzarella and let it soak. I wanted to get some extra flavors in the cheese.

I used fresh spinach leaves because my basil that I was planning on using went bad 😦 so at the last minute I used some dried Italian seasoning in place of the fresh basil.

Half the mozzarella balls.

Place the halved mozzarella and halved tomatoes in the leaf of your choice. This makes a little boat when you insert the the toothpick horizontally. I also made some vertically by putting the tomato on the bottom, flat side down, then stacking the leaf and topping with mozzarella.


Aren’t they pretty?

Now, time to season!

Drizzle with balsamic vinegar then fresh cracked black pepper, Italian seasoning if you want and sprinkle with kosher salt.


Now, the conundrum was how to transport these little morsels… Cupcake pan with lid. BOOM! Problem solved!!


2 Responses to “Bite Size Caprese Salads”
  1. I’ve made these too! If you like kalamata olives, stick one on the end… mmmm

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