Waldorf Salad

In an attempt to start this week off on a healthier note, this is my take on Waldorf Salad. Packed with lots of fruit, veggies and nuts its def a healthy option during the holiday feasting season. I added chicken to give my salad a little more protein and make it a complete meal.

You’ll need:
Lettuce (I used green leaf but butter leaf is more commonly used in this salad)
Chicken (I grabbed a rotisserie chicken but grilled would also work)
Granny smith apple (again any apple would work)
Red seedless grapes
Black pepper

I know, I know. You’re thinking mayo, that’s not healthy. But you only use a little bit and you need some fats to help properly digest all those vitamins in the healthy stuff.

Wash and pat dry your lettuce. Chop it up.

Wash and slice up the grapes, celery and apple.

Combine the chopped fruit and veggies with pecans and 1-2 tablespoons of mayo. Squeeze the juice of half a large lemon. Mix it all up.

Slice your desired amount of chicken off the breast. Dice it up. I served mine with chicken still hot.

Add the chicken to the mix.

Plate and serve. I ate this for a quick and healthy dinner. You could also serve it as a starter.

2 Responses to “Waldorf Salad”
  1. If you want to avoid the mayo or aren’t a big mayo fan (like me), about 3 tbsp greek yogurt and a drizzle of balsamic give the same consistency of the mayo to give it that chicken salad feel.

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