I’ve been living literally down the street from Vespaio for 4 years now and somehow never took the time to try it out. I like to tell myself I was waiting for a special occasion but really, that’s no excuse. My dad was in town last weekend so it was the perfect time try out Vespaio.

We started out with the tuna tartar upon the recommendation of a friend. It wasnt cold but it was quite delish!

Of course we had to get calamari, always a crowd pleaser!

Fork and Knife Caesar Salad.

Spinach Salad.

Mushroom cream soup that was on special.

Now, onto the entrees. This is the classic lasagna bolognese.

We also tried several of the specials. Problem with specials? They aren’t on the regular menu and sometimes I don’t remember exactly what they were… But this I believe is veal with creamy polenta.


I couldn’t decide and went with the sampler. Snapper with cauliflower and mushrooms. Crispy oyster with spicy aioli over arugula. Grilled fish with creamy polenta.

We finished everything off with the creme brûlée and several bottles of Cabernet throughout the evening.

Thanks Dad!

Check out Vespaio and the brunch menu at Enoteca looks pretty awesome too!

2 Responses to “Vespaio”
  1. zakcop says:

    This place is amazing, you have to try their pizza for appitizer as well!

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