San Francisco

Hey friends! Today I have my first guest blogger, Kayleigh Rust! She went on a fabulous trip to San Francisco and snapped some pics of the food there that were ripe for sharing!

The timing could not be more perfect because I’m about to get kicked out of my house for a week during SXSW. So, I welcome new content contributors! Bare with me as I get creative without my usual kitchen over the next week… Could get interesting!!

Spaghetti from Bottle Cap

Pierogies also from Bottle Cap

Now for some San Fran Breakfast options… Egg Sandwich from Harry’s

Breakfast plate from Harry’s .

Sidenote: I also have it from a good source that if you say “San Fran” it’s a dead give away youre a tourist…

This just looks delicious… Breakfast Burrito from Harry’s

This looks divine and makes me want to sit on a sunny patio on Friday afternoon… Or any afternoon for that matter. Pear Bellini from Marengo .

Gotta love a good bar snack and what better than Tater Tots from Bar None !

Big thanks Kayleigh for all your awesome pics!

Proud to say that I actually took this pic! The lovely Miss Rust can be found at any happening music event around ATX. She also makes super fun headbands, which I have been lucky enough to receive a custom made one!

If you have any exciting food experiences you want to share, shout me a holler and I may just post your stuff!


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