Happy SXSW everyone! And yes, I’m still couch surfing and eating out a lot. After an AMAZING show last night at ACL Live watching my absolute favorite band right now Alabama Shakes we grabbed a quick bite at Garrido’s.

But back to the Alabama Shakes, after a wonderful turn of events yesterday I got tickets to their taping at ACL Live! Which I had been dying to go to but wasn’t lucky enough to win tickets through the lottery. Let me tell y’all, Brittany’s voice is that of my kind of angel. Soulful and deep, just like the South, she’s rocks like I haven’t seen a woman rock it in a while. Definitely download their song “Hold On” right now. I’ve been listening to it on repeat for weeks now.

Ok back to the food… Garrido’s isn’t new but it’s one my favorites. Modern Mexican in a casual atmosphere, right up my alley. After the show, Lara and I grabbed a quick dinner in their full service bar.

Proud to announce they now have queso on their menu which they previously didn’t have. I mean, even though queso isn’t a traditional Mexican appetizer, it’s hard to be a Mexican restaurant in Austin, TX and not serve it.

Burns started off with her favorite, swirl margarita.

I had a Mexican martini. Garrido’s serves up one my favorite Mexican martinis in town.

And I always order mine with extra jalapeño olives. Always. Note to self: do a blog about awesome olive stuffings… Taking reader suggestions.

Burns got a mushroom taco and a coffee steak taco.

We both went ala carte on the tacos but when I order the full plate, I usually sub the black beans for their veggies which are scrumptious!

I almost always get the fried oyster tacos from Garrido’s. Literally my favorite thing on their menu. Can’t get over the crispy oysters and honey habanero aioli. Does it to me everytime.

Also highly recommend their chicken enchiladas. Different than traditional ones and always deliver.

Don’t forget to grab an Andes candy on your way out. These little bites make me feel like a kid again!

Any other recommendations on where to grub for SX?

2 Responses to “Garrido’s”
  1. omg they have queso now?! life is complete.

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