Bananas Foster

For dinner this week I had a few friends over and the dear Mr. Taylor Byrd could not handle showing up empty handed even though I insisted I already had everything and it really was not a big deal. So, even though I usually don’t eat dessert, we decided he could handle that course. Well, boy was I surprised when he should up with all the supplies for my all-time favorite dessert EVER, Bananas Foster!!! I was literally giddy with excitement because this is my absolute favorite dessert and I’ve never made it before, so lucky me! How he knew this was my favorite, I’m not really sure, luck I guess. Maybe I should a buy a lottery ticket…

Anyways for this awesome dessert you’ll need:
Whole fresh bananas
Dark Brown Sugar
Vanilla extract
1.5 sticks of butter
Blue Bell vanilla ice cream

First, melt the butter over medium heat. Be careful not to burn it!

Peel the bananas then slice them longways.

Purdy little ‘nanas. One banana per serving.

Add about a cup of brown sugar to the pan with the butter.

Stir that until the sugar melts.

Nice melted brown sugar and butter.

Add the bananas.

Stir those around.

Add cinnamon to taste and a tablespoon or so of vanilla extract.

Now, for the fun part… Turn off the fire so we don’t blow the place up.

Pour rum into the pan…

After you finishing pouring the rum in, turn the fire back on. Tip the pan ever so slightly until BOOM! Light it on fire!

Picture doesn’t really do justice to how awesome it was in person. But yes, folks Mr. Byrd lit my kitchen on fire!

Let the alcohol burn off.

Scoop some vanilla ice cream into bowls.

Add the bananas and brown sugar butter to the bowl.

So delicious! Perfect way to end any meal!

The firey hot bananas melt the ice cream quick so serve immediately.

Thanks Taylor!!

The Master at Work! Ladies you can catch this clean cut Southern gentleman cooking up mean meal (rumor has it he loves cooking as much as I do) or at The Liberty Bar on the eastside. And he’s definitely invited back to my house because not only did he make my favorite dessert but he did the dishes too. Get him while you can ladies!

2 Responses to “Bananas Foster”
  1. uh, YUM! totally trying this. I love those cute wooden bowls, too!

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