Short Bus Subs

I’ve been hearing about Short Bus Subs for a while and finally last weekend after a few hours at the pool, my friend Karen and I made our way down to the food trailers on South Congress. Despite the increasing temperatures outside, I was eager to get my hands on one of these toasty subs.

In case you were wondering where the name came from… They actually sell these out of a short school bus! But you’d never know that by the taste. And oh the bread… Don’t get me started on how perfect it is.

The subs come out all nice and hot and wrapped in foil.

I got the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich. This is the 6 inch and it’s quite hearty. Karen recommended this one and she was spot on! I loved it!! Buffalo wing sauce, ranch, mozzarella… I mean so healthy… Haha. But it was worth every bite. The bread is awesome because it’s toasted but not so hard that it scrapes off the inside of your mouth. Next time I think I’ll have to try to the honey mustard one…

This is the Teacher’s Pet… Which was my 2nd choice. Good thing Karen wanted to try this one too! Team work! Turkey, avocado and bacon?? Only one of my favorite sandwich combos ever! Plus, love me some sprouts!

Now I understand all the hype about this little bus so y’all get yourselves down to South Congress and try out Short Bus Subs !!

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