The Ask All Tell All’s of Nomadic Life: Financing Your Fun

Good Morning Faithful Followers! Today is a great day! Why you ask? Because today I get to officially take full control of this site! What does that mean for you? Hopefully not a whole lot right now. In future be prepared for a new layout and general look of this blog… have a suggestion or … Continue reading

Easter Sunday

I got a new camera last week and can not put it down! It’s my first DSLR and my first real investment towards improving my photography. Previously, all my photos were taken with my iPhone 4. I took over 1000 photos this weekend but here are just a handful of the best ones. I still … Continue reading

Brisket Chili

As many of you already know, a team of friends and I participated in a chili cookoff last weekend. Although we didn’t take home first place, it was all for good cause so I guess that makes up for it… Actually, I’m still pretty sore about the whole thing, let’s be real. Anyways! Our chili … Continue reading

San Francisco

Hey friends! Today I have my first guest blogger, Kayleigh Rust! She went on a fabulous trip to San Francisco and snapped some pics of the food there that were ripe for sharing! The timing could not be more perfect because I’m about to get kicked out of my house for a week during SXSW. … Continue reading

Cowboy Breakfast

I headed out super early this Morning to stop by Rodeo Austin’s Cowboy Breakfast. This kicks off the annual rodeo here in Austin. Being a true Texas born and raised, I must admit, I’ve never been to a rodeo! Can you believe that? Anyways, this annual event starts super early, 6am and goes until 9am … Continue reading

Beaver Creek, CO

This past weekend some girlfriends and I headed up to Beaver Creek, CO for an annual ski trip. Lots of great food, fun and beverages. Lots of beverages of all kinds. Whenever I travel, no matter how short or far, I always get some kind of inspiration and I like sharing that with all of … Continue reading

New Year’s Eve Cocktail

Happy New Year’s Eve! And also a big Happy Birthday to Kayleigh Rust and Lauren Yurko! In honor of today’s festivities, I whipped up a quick cocktail for everyone to enjoy. I hope you all have wonderful time celebrating tonight! You’ll need: Tito’s Vodka Pink Champagne Ginger Ale Fresh Strawberries or Blackberries to garnish Pop that bottle … Continue reading

Christmas Inspiration

Everyone needs a little decorating and cooking inspiration… here are a few of my favorites!

Gingerbread Village at the Four Seasons

So, it’s officially my favorite time of year! Christmas!! Earlier this week Lara Burns, Caroline Lomax, Sara Hull and I went to the Four Seasons for the annual Gingerbread Village unveiling. It’s a great way to kick off the season, these ornately decorated gingerbread houses and creations will be on display in the Four Seasons’ lobby until … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Inspiration

As I sit here watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, I decided to post some pretty Thanksgiving pictures for you all to enjoy! Hope you all are having a wonderful day with family and friends!

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